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Great breakthroughs scientists have discovered in the treatment of Alzheimer

Alzheimer disease is a chronic disease which degenerates the brain slowly and worsens as time goes by. A lot of people who have dementia have Alzheimer. If your family member has dementia, deteriorating self-care, negative language issues, loss of motivation and behaviors which are poor, you need to take him/her for Alzheimer diagnosis. Alzheimer degenerates the functions of the body, and this is the main cause of death from Alzheimer. The cause of this disease are genetic disorders, brain injuries, hypertension and depression. Alzheimer disease has no treatment, but the symptoms may be improved. People who take care of Alzheimers patients have a challenging task. Scientists are not relenting in finding the Alzheimer treatment. The following are some of the breakthrough scientists have made in looking for Alzheimers cure.

Scientists have come up with stuffed animals which improve Alzheimer since they have heartbeats. By interacting with animals, Alzheimer is improved. The bad thing is that many Alzheimer patients dont have access to animals and those who have, dont care about animals. Scientists have developed animals which are stuffed and have heartbeats. Arthurs Senior Care offers improved care to the Alzheimer patients.

Passive Immunotherapy is another important breakthrough in Alzheimers treatment. For more than 10 years, FDA has not communicated any treatment for Alzheimer. The scientists have been forced to consider new therapies. Scientists have discovered that passive immunotherapy is effective in eliminating blood beta-amyloid proteins. The testing process has failed, but scientists have hope that it will work soon.

Retinal Imaging Technology is another great breakthrough in Alzheimer treatment. Initially, many people could not afford Alzheimers diagnosis. Deposits of neurotoxic beta-amyloid proteins can be detected by Retinal Imaging Technology. Retinal Imaging Technology is better since it is noninvasive unlike PET scans and cerebrospinal fluid analysis which are invasive.

The Human Memory Prosthesis Treatment is effective in Alzheimers treatment. Restoring Active Memory technology is effective in improving dementia. The Alzheimer patients can now be able to remember things such as where they parked their cars.

The other vital Alzheimers treatment breakthrough is Non-invasive Brain Stimulation. The brain passes electrical synapses to a neuron from another one, and a person can remember something. People with memory loss have synapses which are weak. Non-invasive Brain Stimulation is a way of simulating the weak brain electrical synapses.

Alzheimer can be improved through Symptoms Control Treatments. Scientists are looking for diets and medications which will improve dementia, judgment, language skills, and cognition. Acupuncture, light therapy, and deep brain stimulation are effective in improving symptoms.

The last crucial breakthrough scientist has made is the use of MicroRNA to detect Alzheimer. MicroRNA can detect Alzheimer in its early stages.

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